A Meditation on Psalm 12:

Here David laments the absence of righteous men and the rise of double-tongued men who speak kindly but secretly oppress the poor and needy and rebel against the Lord. David expresses confidence that God will protect the poor and needy. He speaks of the purity of God's words, in contrast to the deceitful words of the wicked. God will keep His word. He will preserve the poor and needy. In the closing verse David states that wicked men increase their activity whenever evil is promoted.

Do not put your trust in people. They will often let you down.

Do not take advantage of the poor. God is their Protector.

Trust God for deliverance from oppression.

Trust God to be true to His word. He will not let you down.

Trust that God's word is pure and good, no matter how anyone may feel about it.

Never promote wickedness of any kind. Even sins that seem harmless will create conditions that allow people with evil intentions to take advantage.