I recently had the opportunity to share my faith – at my own front door. As I sat in my home, three men knocked on the door. They were Mormon missionaries. We spoke for several minutes. During that time I had the opportunity to share my faith with them. They did not convert, nor did I. But the Gospel (the true Gospel) was shared. It was an evangelistic opportunity on my doorstep.

            This was not the first time I have had such an encounter. I am no expert on Mormon evangelism. But there are several things I have learned that help me share my faith with Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, or anyone else who comes to my door.

            First, have no fear. I am not afraid of being sucked into a cult or being brainwashed. I know the truth. I am secure in my faith. The truth always holds up. Once you are over the fear of being brainwashed, it is easy, even fun, to engage in a conversation with someone, respectfully question them on their beliefs, and share the truth. In fact, I have found that the person at the door is far more afraid of me than I am of them. As the questions arise, they often begin to sweat and stutter because their system of belief just doesn’t hold up. They do not know for sure that they are going to heaven. I know I’m going to heaven because Jesus Christ paid the price for my sins when He died on the cross and rose from the dead. I am forgiven and have no need to work my way to heaven. The work was done by Jesus. Why would I trade a grace-based, know-so faith for a works-based, hope-so faith? I have nothing to fear.

            Second, do not get angry. Some people get angry at the people at the door and speak harshly to them or slam the door in their faces. I believe this is the wrong approach. When we speak in an unkind manner, emotions rise and block the reception of ideas in the mind. By keeping the conversation friendly, one can reason with another person. If I had been unkind, I would have missed the opportunity to share the truth with the three young men at my door. When I stand before God one day, I believe He will be interested in how I shared the truth, not in how I chased people away. Also, it is important to remember that the people who come to your door honestly believe they are doing good. I want to encourage people to do good. I just want them to know what good really is. They are not trying to do bad. They are just uninformed. So inform them!

            Third, share the truth! Having a nice conversation is not enough. At some point you must share the true Gospel, that Jesus Christ (God in human flesh – not a created being) died on the cross to pay the penalty for our sins so that all who believe in Him will have everlasting life. It is not my job to save them – only God can do that. It is my job to share the truth. Every Christian should be prepared to share the Gospel at any time. When the opportunity comes, be ready.

            When someone comes knocking at your door, whether religious groups or even salesmen, it is an opportunity for evangelism. Take a little time to share Jesus with those who come to your door. If you can, go knock on a few doors yourself.